Thursday, October 9, 2008

Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Hello there!! Fall has come and brought with it the annual school field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Their class went to the Grider Family Pumpkin Patch in Perkins, OK. They each got to pick one pumpkin to take back to school and study until Halloween.

It was a bit muddy, so Emma was really concerned about getting her shoes muddy (remember the ones we went searching for before school began?) , but ended up finding a nice big pumpkin.

Later, she & her friend, Lauren, began collecting gourds (which her mom & I had to buy since they had pulled them all off the vines!). Her class had fun, and headed back on the bus to school. I ended up buying a few other gourds for our front yard, ate lunch with Lauren's mom, and went home.

That's her pumpkin, dragging along behind her in that bag.

Lauren & Emma finding gourds.

Her class after gathering their pumpkins :)

John was on a trip to Chicago for the past couple days (including our anniversary!), so juggling the kids at bedtime was a little challenge, but not too bad. He was going to a seminar on lasers, which they sent him to since he's the only one with previous laser experience. Yay, John!!

Evan is such a good boy :) He is really patient with all the chaos in our house! The only thing that upsets him is shopping - my mom says that's because he's a guy. makes sense :) I think he got that gene from both my dad and John!

Anyway, off to bed! Have a good night! Pin It

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