Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Festivities!

Emma was out of school Thursday & Friday last week for fall break, so we went to the Tulsa Zoo with Grammie one last time before she moves to California. It was a really nice day - the weather was perfect, the kids behaved really well, and we all had fun. We just wished that daddy could have come, too!

Evan and his new Zoo shirt!

Grammie & Emma monkeying around!

Evan had fun on his first zoo trip. GramE got him this cute tee shirt and a sun hat. He liked riding the train and watching the world go by. He also rode his first carousel and wasn't too sure what was so great about it. I guess when you have the luxury of a comfy swing at home, going up and down on a hard gorilla's back isn't that exciting!

Anyway, this weekend was also homecoming. We got home just in time for the "walk around" , which is decorations that all the greek houses put up for homecoming. (OSU has one of the top 3 biggest homecoming celebrations in the country). It was really fun, but REALLY crowded. John had to carry EMma most of time so she wouldn't get stepped on.

The game was on Saturday and we won really big over Baylor, which was awesome, bringing us (undefeated) to #6. This coming weekend we play the #1 team, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for another win! That morning was the Homecoming parade, which was Evan's first, and he liked it. The noises from the various bands didn't upset him, although the fire trucks' sirens were a little shocking. Emma came away with about 3 pounds of candy, a whistle, a set of vampire teeth, and an Eskimo Joe's Tee shirt.

Evan in his cute jumpsuit at his first parade!

Too cute to be scary!

The Fab 4 at the parade :)

Alex also arrived late Friday evening, so after all the exciting events on campus, we went over to Grammie's to see him and help pack up the house for the big move. :(

I was also there all day today cleaning out the garage. It's amazing all the memories that toys bring back when you see them after decades of storage.

Anyway, off to bed I go! I hope you had a great weekend!! Pin It

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