Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Break is here!!!

Well, today is Emma's last day of school for the week. It's her fall break. She wants to go to the zoo with Evan, and with gas prices taking a small dip, we may be able to do that-we'll see :)

Yesterday was her last soccer game of the season. They won, and were undefeated all season. She made 3 goals in that game, and has really become a great player this year! Maybe just allowing her two activities helps her focus better. Speaking of which, we had to put our first payment down on her costumes for dance this year. Of course always overpriced and under dressed :) . We pulled her out of tap this year just because she was getting pretty tired after an evening of 3 dance classes in a row, and she seemed fine with it, especially after 3 of her friends did the same. Her recital will be the 3rd weekend in May again - so mark your calendars!!

Emma is still undecided about her costume for this year. She knows she wants wings, but other than that...who knows. I need to begin working on Evan's costume soon...

We are all excited that my brother is coming from San Diego on Friday! But, he's coming to help my mom move back to Cali, so that's been pretty hard on us. We left OK when Emma was only a few months old, and now she's leaving when Evan is just a few months old :( Life has it's ups & downs, I suppose, and Emma is fine with it knowing that GramE will live close to Disneyland and we can visit her & go to the park at the same time. Now that they've started letting you get in for free on your birthday, we'll have to go on John & my birthday so we can both get in free & just pay for the kids! :) I guess having the same birthday pays off sometimes! Yay!
Anyway, I am off to do some cleaning before I have Emma home for 4 days! :O

Here she is in her Shamrocks gear!

Her teammates Elena, Lauren, Kira, Emma, and Raegan with Coach Jessica. Her friend, Charite, was having a rough morning picture day, so she's not in it :(

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