Monday, October 27, 2008

Aye Yai Yai!

Good morning! Sorry I had to post 2 today - I had the first one saved, but not posted!
I think fall must have passed, because it's FREEZING outside!! The walk to the bus stop this morning was extremely cold especailly for little girls who insist on wearing a dress & tights. The walk down our street wasn't as bad since the giant construction vehicles seemed to block the wind and the exhaust fumes seemed to warm it up a couple degrees, but when we passed the construction, it was another story!

Anyway, the construction is never ending. I can't wait until our road is finished and we can wash our cars!

This weekend was busy. John left for Boston on Saturday morning. The kiddos & I went to meet Daddy at my mom's house to take the household hazardous waste to the free drop off that day (paints, etc). I didn't get a photo of Evan's first trip to the Hazardous Waste Dump, as I know you were all expecting. When we got home, we began to clean the garage and...well, I guess I began to clean the garage out, while Emma made wonderful artwork all over our driveway with chalk. Pretty strange, huh, that it was hot and sweaty just 2 days ago...

I now have about 10 boxes of stuff to throw out and a pretty sizable donation for salvation army to come pick up. They say if you don't use it in a year, you don't need it. Well, we had a bunch of moving boxes that were still packed from the move, so...

Then we went to eat with my sister, who was here from Edmond for the day. We decided to try a new Japanese Steakhouse that was having its grand opening. We decided to try the hibachi table, and even though we had to share the table with another group, Emma made a friend and it seemed more fun for her. It was her first hibachi experience, and the look on her face when the flames erupted from the onion was classic! Gretchen got a picture of the 2nd flame-experience face :) Evan slept through it all.

Sunday we got up early and went to the Oklahoma City Zoo with my friend, Michelle, and her son, Theron. Her husband is on the same trip to Boston as John! We all had a wonderful time!

We stopped by Target on the way back to get party favors for the school party- (why couldn't I just get an easy job, like bring plates??) and we looked at all the costumes there. THere was even a sock monkey costume in Evan's size!! Anyway, with the economy hitting everyone, including ditch witch, hard, I've been explaining to Emma about the economy and stuff, but it never seemed to sink in. SO, i was truly surprised when she said she didn't need a costume this year, she could just use some of her dress-up clothes. Later on the ride home, I asked her if she was sure, and she said "yeah, we need to save our money for the ecomoly". So sweet. So, who knows what she'll come up with this year!

Anyway, off to start the busy day!
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