Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallow's Eve, Eve

WoooOOOOooooOo went the wind!! And OUT went the lights, and the 5 little pumpkins roooooolled out of sight! Till tomorrow, that is!

Today, the road is complete, and another project has begun - our roof. John's dad came down to help out for a few days, and John got 2 days off since he worked 2 weekend days in Boston. They began tearing all the shingles (2 layers) off. Daddy came after work and helped out, too. So did my brother. We'll see how tomorrow goes when we're more prepared for what we needed today.

This is what ended the day - the tipped over remains of the last wheelbarrow roll from Brock.

John, Daddy, and John2 throwing shingles down on my poor flowers :(

On another note, the prince of hearts turned 3 months old! Can you believe it?!? He still has blue-grey eyes, brown hair, and is very tall! He has found his hands, and enjoys sucking on them! Oh no!!! He laughs at people, and smiles a lot, especially at Bert (from Sesame Street) and his big sister.

Can you believe how cute this guy is?!? Gotta love him!
So, anyway, tomorrow is Emma's "fall" party at school, and trick or treating at night! Exciting things are brewing!!
Till then, BOO!
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