Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallow's Eve, Eve

WoooOOOOooooOo went the wind!! And OUT went the lights, and the 5 little pumpkins roooooolled out of sight! Till tomorrow, that is!

Today, the road is complete, and another project has begun - our roof. John's dad came down to help out for a few days, and John got 2 days off since he worked 2 weekend days in Boston. They began tearing all the shingles (2 layers) off. Daddy came after work and helped out, too. So did my brother. We'll see how tomorrow goes when we're more prepared for what we needed today.

This is what ended the day - the tipped over remains of the last wheelbarrow roll from Brock.

John, Daddy, and John2 throwing shingles down on my poor flowers :(

On another note, the prince of hearts turned 3 months old! Can you believe it?!? He still has blue-grey eyes, brown hair, and is very tall! He has found his hands, and enjoys sucking on them! Oh no!!! He laughs at people, and smiles a lot, especially at Bert (from Sesame Street) and his big sister.

Can you believe how cute this guy is?!? Gotta love him!
So, anyway, tomorrow is Emma's "fall" party at school, and trick or treating at night! Exciting things are brewing!!
Till then, BOO!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a Ghost Town!

Today, Evan was doing a lot of kicking his legs, so I brought out the tigger bouncer for him to try. He was so cute trying to bounce!

Tonight was the Halloween festival downtown, and we made it there, surprisingly in one piece. Emma dressed in her flapper costume and zombie make-up, and Evan as a monkey. It was fun! Emma got a lot of candy and we saw a lot of great costumes!

The 3 of us in our costumes :)

Scary zombie flapper!


A ribbon for the zombie!

There's Evan!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Aye Yai Yai!

Good morning! Sorry I had to post 2 today - I had the first one saved, but not posted!
I think fall must have passed, because it's FREEZING outside!! The walk to the bus stop this morning was extremely cold especailly for little girls who insist on wearing a dress & tights. The walk down our street wasn't as bad since the giant construction vehicles seemed to block the wind and the exhaust fumes seemed to warm it up a couple degrees, but when we passed the construction, it was another story!

Anyway, the construction is never ending. I can't wait until our road is finished and we can wash our cars!

This weekend was busy. John left for Boston on Saturday morning. The kiddos & I went to meet Daddy at my mom's house to take the household hazardous waste to the free drop off that day (paints, etc). I didn't get a photo of Evan's first trip to the Hazardous Waste Dump, as I know you were all expecting. When we got home, we began to clean the garage and...well, I guess I began to clean the garage out, while Emma made wonderful artwork all over our driveway with chalk. Pretty strange, huh, that it was hot and sweaty just 2 days ago...

I now have about 10 boxes of stuff to throw out and a pretty sizable donation for salvation army to come pick up. They say if you don't use it in a year, you don't need it. Well, we had a bunch of moving boxes that were still packed from the move, so...

Then we went to eat with my sister, who was here from Edmond for the day. We decided to try a new Japanese Steakhouse that was having its grand opening. We decided to try the hibachi table, and even though we had to share the table with another group, Emma made a friend and it seemed more fun for her. It was her first hibachi experience, and the look on her face when the flames erupted from the onion was classic! Gretchen got a picture of the 2nd flame-experience face :) Evan slept through it all.

Sunday we got up early and went to the Oklahoma City Zoo with my friend, Michelle, and her son, Theron. Her husband is on the same trip to Boston as John! We all had a wonderful time!

We stopped by Target on the way back to get party favors for the school party- (why couldn't I just get an easy job, like bring plates??) and we looked at all the costumes there. THere was even a sock monkey costume in Evan's size!! Anyway, with the economy hitting everyone, including ditch witch, hard, I've been explaining to Emma about the economy and stuff, but it never seemed to sink in. SO, i was truly surprised when she said she didn't need a costume this year, she could just use some of her dress-up clothes. Later on the ride home, I asked her if she was sure, and she said "yeah, we need to save our money for the ecomoly". So sweet. So, who knows what she'll come up with this year!

Anyway, off to start the busy day!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Festivities!

Emma was out of school Thursday & Friday last week for fall break, so we went to the Tulsa Zoo with Grammie one last time before she moves to California. It was a really nice day - the weather was perfect, the kids behaved really well, and we all had fun. We just wished that daddy could have come, too!

Evan and his new Zoo shirt!

Grammie & Emma monkeying around!

Evan had fun on his first zoo trip. GramE got him this cute tee shirt and a sun hat. He liked riding the train and watching the world go by. He also rode his first carousel and wasn't too sure what was so great about it. I guess when you have the luxury of a comfy swing at home, going up and down on a hard gorilla's back isn't that exciting!

Anyway, this weekend was also homecoming. We got home just in time for the "walk around" , which is decorations that all the greek houses put up for homecoming. (OSU has one of the top 3 biggest homecoming celebrations in the country). It was really fun, but REALLY crowded. John had to carry EMma most of time so she wouldn't get stepped on.

The game was on Saturday and we won really big over Baylor, which was awesome, bringing us (undefeated) to #6. This coming weekend we play the #1 team, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for another win! That morning was the Homecoming parade, which was Evan's first, and he liked it. The noises from the various bands didn't upset him, although the fire trucks' sirens were a little shocking. Emma came away with about 3 pounds of candy, a whistle, a set of vampire teeth, and an Eskimo Joe's Tee shirt.

Evan in his cute jumpsuit at his first parade!

Too cute to be scary!

The Fab 4 at the parade :)

Alex also arrived late Friday evening, so after all the exciting events on campus, we went over to Grammie's to see him and help pack up the house for the big move. :(

I was also there all day today cleaning out the garage. It's amazing all the memories that toys bring back when you see them after decades of storage.

Anyway, off to bed I go! I hope you had a great weekend!! Pin It

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Break is here!!!

Well, today is Emma's last day of school for the week. It's her fall break. She wants to go to the zoo with Evan, and with gas prices taking a small dip, we may be able to do that-we'll see :)

Yesterday was her last soccer game of the season. They won, and were undefeated all season. She made 3 goals in that game, and has really become a great player this year! Maybe just allowing her two activities helps her focus better. Speaking of which, we had to put our first payment down on her costumes for dance this year. Of course always overpriced and under dressed :) . We pulled her out of tap this year just because she was getting pretty tired after an evening of 3 dance classes in a row, and she seemed fine with it, especially after 3 of her friends did the same. Her recital will be the 3rd weekend in May again - so mark your calendars!!

Emma is still undecided about her costume for this year. She knows she wants wings, but other than that...who knows. I need to begin working on Evan's costume soon...

We are all excited that my brother is coming from San Diego on Friday! But, he's coming to help my mom move back to Cali, so that's been pretty hard on us. We left OK when Emma was only a few months old, and now she's leaving when Evan is just a few months old :( Life has it's ups & downs, I suppose, and Emma is fine with it knowing that GramE will live close to Disneyland and we can visit her & go to the park at the same time. Now that they've started letting you get in for free on your birthday, we'll have to go on John & my birthday so we can both get in free & just pay for the kids! :) I guess having the same birthday pays off sometimes! Yay!
Anyway, I am off to do some cleaning before I have Emma home for 4 days! :O

Here she is in her Shamrocks gear!

Her teammates Elena, Lauren, Kira, Emma, and Raegan with Coach Jessica. Her friend, Charite, was having a rough morning picture day, so she's not in it :(

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Hello there!! Fall has come and brought with it the annual school field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Their class went to the Grider Family Pumpkin Patch in Perkins, OK. They each got to pick one pumpkin to take back to school and study until Halloween.

It was a bit muddy, so Emma was really concerned about getting her shoes muddy (remember the ones we went searching for before school began?) , but ended up finding a nice big pumpkin.

Later, she & her friend, Lauren, began collecting gourds (which her mom & I had to buy since they had pulled them all off the vines!). Her class had fun, and headed back on the bus to school. I ended up buying a few other gourds for our front yard, ate lunch with Lauren's mom, and went home.

That's her pumpkin, dragging along behind her in that bag.

Lauren & Emma finding gourds.

Her class after gathering their pumpkins :)

John was on a trip to Chicago for the past couple days (including our anniversary!), so juggling the kids at bedtime was a little challenge, but not too bad. He was going to a seminar on lasers, which they sent him to since he's the only one with previous laser experience. Yay, John!!

Evan is such a good boy :) He is really patient with all the chaos in our house! The only thing that upsets him is shopping - my mom says that's because he's a guy. makes sense :) I think he got that gene from both my dad and John!

Anyway, off to bed! Have a good night! Pin It

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkins and Gords, oh my!

Hello! How was your weekend? We started ours off with strep throat on Thursday. I took Emma in and she tested positive for it, which I had expected since all her friends had it. I also made an appt for myself Monday since I get strep just thinking about it. Sadly, it made its appearance Friday night and I went in to the urgent care center Saturday morning. It was gross. Anyway, I was contagious for 24 hours after meds, so I couldn't go to the game that day :( BUT, I heard it was pretty boring, even though we won. So, Emma was home Thursday afternoon and Friday. She felt much better. We tried to keep her home from her soccer game yesterday, but we were snack parents and she wanted to go. She scored 3 goals.

This morning my little "niece" got baptized. It was so sweet. She was wearing a baptismal gown that's been in her family for over 90 years! I didn't ask if I could post her pic here, so I won't, but she was beautiful! :)

Then it was off to the pumpkin patch. This one was owned by the aunt of Emma's teacher last year. We went with one of her friends, Gavin, and his family. They were in class last year and this year, too. We walked away with 2 pumpkins and a couple hay bales.

Here we all are!

Emma & Gavin (with little brother, Joey in the background)

Evan in his first pumpkin patch! :)

And the princess of pumpkins :)

So, that was our exciting, tiring, but fun weekend. Hopefully thid finds you all happy & well. Happy Fall!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Good Night

Last night I woke up at around 2:15 because Calypso was once again asleep on my head, and I think I breathed in too much fur. ANYway, I realized that Evan would be up in a few minutes to eat, so I planned on waiting. I turned on the TV, but there was nothing on (although now I really want to buy the amazing sealing lids! Ooooh). At about 3, i started getting worrried. He's pretty much like clockwork at night, and he missed his 2:35 feeding! I guess I stressed out enough about it that I passed out and woke up again at 4, and he was just starting to move around for his next feeding, like clockwork. SO, either I can't remember feeding him, OR he slept through the night! Which is awesome, but a little sad. I really love our quiet times together at night :(

Either way, he's growing up so big :(

I actually made it to Emma's open house last night. I had about 10 minutes before they shut the school down, so I ran in and looked at all her work. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. That's a change from last year, when she wanted to be a power ranger :) I am slowly going through all my teaching stuff and sending it over to her teacher. This is her first year, and I know how that is when you have nothing to start with! :( Plus, it's clearing out garage space! Yay!

Well, I didn't take any pictures today except of the kids at work, but I found an interesting thing going on on my front porch:

It was rather strange...
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