Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Rainy Wednesday

Hi! Hope your long weekend went well! Ours was nice & relaxing :)

Saturday was the first football game for OSU. It was in Seattle, but we went over to our friends' house to watch it (in high def. no less...oooooohhhhh). It was fun.
Sunday was hot & Emma spent the morning running through the sprinkler (I was watering my dead plants hoping for a miracle, i guess!)

Today Gustav has reached good ol Oklahoma and made it rainy and cool. My favorite weather. Now it REALLY feels like football weather & I can't wait for this weekend's first home game. Evan's first OSU football experience. Woo hoo!

On Monday Emma went to a friend's house to play for the day, so John, Evan, & I ran errands and went grocery shopping. It's amazing how quiet it is with Emma missing.

Tuesday was Eli's second "birthday", and Emma had planned a party for him. She said it was a really important one for him because he was turning 2 on the 2nd. She picked out princess cupcakes (she says that he told her he didn't care) and John grilled some meat we had in the freezer. He had to go back to work that day, but Emma was still out of school, so we did a lot of crafts and coloring.

Evan has his first cold. He's really congested. We went to the doctor today and got some nose drops for him. Hopefully he'll feel better soon!

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