Monday, September 8, 2008

Hooray for the 2 Victorious Teams!!

Good morning!

What an exciting weekend! Emma had her first soccer game on Saturday morning, which they won! We had made a deal with her that for each goal she scored, she could get an ugly doll (a new collection of stuffed animal she's been collecting, thanks to my Uncle Roy). We didn't expect her to actually make a goal since she tends to prefer talking to others and dancing around to goal scoring. HOWEVER, apparently she really wanted an ugly doll, since she scored not one, but 4 GOALS! The first one, John & I were really proud of, but the next was a little bittersweet, seeing as how each ugly doll is almost $20, the 3rd & 4th, we had to force smiles. Ugh. Luckily, at the store, we were able to sway her to her other collection of Webkinz which were by far cheaper, and she ended up getting 2 webkinz and 2 outfits, which saved us a lot of money. It was an expensive lesson learned. Who knew that when you say "you can do anything you put your mind to" it really is true. The next game there will be a limit of 1 ugly doll. :) However, we were really proud of her, and can't wait to watch the next game!

Another victory was won by our OSU Cowboys! They beat Houston State saturday evening. As usual, we went to the alumni center for the pep rally. The alumni webpage designer was there showing off the new pages and recognized Emma from her picture (which he said he had several pictures of us from last year - I guess we're pretty much a fixture at the rallies!), so he showed it to us again. (view it at
Also, Emma got to reunite with her friend, Jennifer, who cheers for OSU. She calls Emma her "mini-me", and the squad calls Emma "little Jenn". All summer Emma was waiting for her to come back so they could cheer together.
She also got to meet Bullet again - the horse that runs around the field for every touchdown.

While Emma was basking in the glory of reuniting with her favorite OSU friend, I got to meet mine! T. Boone Pickens has VERY generously funded OSU's many programs with his zillions of dollars, including the stadium remodel (Now Boone Pickens Stadium). And HE got to meet the youngest future OSU Cowboy at the rally - little Evan :)

Sunday, we all worked outside in the garden, pulling weeds and grass and flowers that had passed away during what I call "EL Evan" - the time that the poor garden was neglected due to Evan's birth. :) We re-mulched hoping that the weeds won't come back, and I put all our fall decor out (even though we were sweating in the summerish heat!) I can't help it. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season!

Anyway, I will start teaching my baby sign class Wednesday. Evan will be accompanying me - the one thing I wanted in a job - I guess it pays to own your own business! :)
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