Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall!

FINALLY fall has officially arrived!! With it came summer weather, but next week is supposed to be more "fallish". Exciting stuff! :)

John is getting ready for his trips to here & there with work, and got his tickets to Metallica in October. A little too loud for me, so his friend is going with him. Football season is great for us - we LOVE Stillwater on game days. Everything is orange! Last weekend a friend of mine gave us a couple of her tickets to the game. Her husband is a coach, so we got to sit in the club seating, which was GREAT because it was raining, and our seats are covered. We also got free food, candy, drinks, snacks...everything! The sad thing was that it was really quiet up there. I guess if you're paying $250 a ticket, you let the cheering be done by the folks below. It was almost like watching the game on TV. I think I'd prefer the normal people seats.

Emma is getting really good at soccer. She scored 8 goals on Saturday! Amazing, especially since last year she just kinda kicked the dirt around. She's doing great in school, and is doing 2 fundraisers this weekend. One for her school's PTA and one for the humane society. We are trying to teach her about doing things for others, so this will help. (And thank you to all those who donated money!) She also had a lot of fun riding her first horse this weekend. Until now, she has only riden ponies. (This was a "big girl" horse).

Evan is growing more every day! He is smiling a lot now, and laughed his first sweet laugh last night while Grandad was playing with him. It was the sweetest little sound! :)
We hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Fall!
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