Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby, Look at you Now!!

Yesterday was Evan's 2 week check-up! I wasn't sure about the vaccines, since we both have a cold, but he didn't have a fever, so she said it was okay. I also wasn't sure about them just because of the whole autism debate, but she convinced me it was fine, and gave him all his shots. Luckily, one of them was oral, which is new since Emma was 2 months old, but he still had to get 3 shots in the legs. He was not too happy about that, and I had to breastfeed him for about 45 minutes afterwards to calm him down (okay, okay, it was me that was too upset to leave just yet!).
Anyway, he has grown quite a bit in the last month! He weighs 11 pounds, 13 ounces, which is around the 85th percentile for his age (Taking after his granddad once again!) and is 24 inches tall, which is right at 50%. His head is 15 1/2 , which is one cm bigger than last month. Big ol' brain growin in there!!
Emma has her open house at school tonight, which John will take her to since I have to give a demo class to a parent group tonight :(
She won her soccer game again last night - scoring 2 of the goals.
John & I are still surviving the nights well. I stay up late and he wakes up early, so we make it work well that way, even though it seems like we don't get to see each other much. We are anxious for a weekend that we can all just stay at home and rest!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Whew! What a weekend!!

Well, Friday was the big walk-a-thon at Emma's school. She managed to just raise enough (that morning, actually) that she reached her goal amount of $50. Thanks to everyone who helped out! Hopefully, the students have raised enough for new playground equipment!
It was pretty hot out, but Emma was dancing along to the music of the D.j. (hopefully we didn't have to raise money for him to come..).
I'm sure all the kids took a good nap that afternoon!

Emma & her class ready to walk!

They all got Ice Pops during the walk to cool them down!

The walk and wag was yesterday. Emma ended up raising $50 for the Humane Society. She won a door prize (an orange tee shirt that says "Cool Chicks Wear Orange"), which was great because they didn't make walk and wag tees in kids sizes, so she gave hers to me.
Harley was a good sport, and amazingly made the whole walk (probably about half a mile?) without having to be put in the stroller or passing out. There was one other pug there.

Evan wore his shirt just for Harley!

Emma and coach Budke, the OSU Women's Basketball Coach.

Off we go!

Harley was so tired after the walk!!! Good job, Harley!

Yesterday afternoon was another pep assembly for the OSU Cowboys playing Troy. Emma saw her friend again, and actually was building with a few of the cheerleaders. I was a little nervous as I saw her in my mind tumbling down onto the driveway of the student union, but she was safe and came back more proud than ever. She's an official OSU cheerleader now, I guess!

Emma & Evan's 1st Picture with Pistol Pete together!

Emma's OSU Cheerleading Debut!

In other news...this is a big month for the Castro kids! Evan will be appearing in his first ad (for Kindermusik, of course!) in Stillwater Living Magazine. You can buy your copy at http://stillwaterliving.presspublisher.us/

Unfortunately, I'm not computer-savvy enough to figure out how to turn an adobe project into a jpg, so I can't post it here :( Boooo.

Emma is in the fall STATE magazine, which goes out to all members of the OSU alumni association. She is also on the OSU website at http://orangeconnection.org/s/860/index-blue.aspx?sid=860&gid=1&pgid=266. The magazine has a similar photo, but not cropped - so you can technically say Evan is in that one, too since I have a big ol' belly! :) Not sure if you can buy a copy, but their website is http://magazine.okstate.edu/.

And the big news for today, is that Evan has turned 2 months old! Yay! He goes in for his 2 month checkup tomorrow, so I'll let you know how big he's grown! He still has brown hair and blue eyes and is really trying to move across the room with Emma & Harley. Enjoy his photo book here:


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall!

FINALLY fall has officially arrived!! With it came summer weather, but next week is supposed to be more "fallish". Exciting stuff! :)

John is getting ready for his trips to here & there with work, and got his tickets to Metallica in October. A little too loud for me, so his friend is going with him. Football season is great for us - we LOVE Stillwater on game days. Everything is orange! Last weekend a friend of mine gave us a couple of her tickets to the game. Her husband is a coach, so we got to sit in the club seating, which was GREAT because it was raining, and our seats are covered. We also got free food, candy, drinks, snacks...everything! The sad thing was that it was really quiet up there. I guess if you're paying $250 a ticket, you let the cheering be done by the folks below. It was almost like watching the game on TV. I think I'd prefer the normal people seats.

Emma is getting really good at soccer. She scored 8 goals on Saturday! Amazing, especially since last year she just kinda kicked the dirt around. She's doing great in school, and is doing 2 fundraisers this weekend. One for her school's PTA and one for the humane society. We are trying to teach her about doing things for others, so this will help. (And thank you to all those who donated money!) She also had a lot of fun riding her first horse this weekend. Until now, she has only riden ponies. (This was a "big girl" horse).

Evan is growing more every day! He is smiling a lot now, and laughed his first sweet laugh last night while Grandad was playing with him. It was the sweetest little sound! :)
We hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Fall!
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Guess who's Smiling??!!

It's Evan! :)

His first real smile was on the 8th, but I couldn't catch the elusive smile until this morning. Here it is! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! :)

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evan's 6 Week ALbum

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hooray for the 2 Victorious Teams!!

Good morning!

What an exciting weekend! Emma had her first soccer game on Saturday morning, which they won! We had made a deal with her that for each goal she scored, she could get an ugly doll (a new collection of stuffed animal she's been collecting, thanks to my Uncle Roy). We didn't expect her to actually make a goal since she tends to prefer talking to others and dancing around to goal scoring. HOWEVER, apparently she really wanted an ugly doll, since she scored not one, but 4 GOALS! The first one, John & I were really proud of, but the next was a little bittersweet, seeing as how each ugly doll is almost $20, the 3rd & 4th, we had to force smiles. Ugh. Luckily, at the store, we were able to sway her to her other collection of Webkinz which were by far cheaper, and she ended up getting 2 webkinz and 2 outfits, which saved us a lot of money. It was an expensive lesson learned. Who knew that when you say "you can do anything you put your mind to" it really is true. The next game there will be a limit of 1 ugly doll. :) However, we were really proud of her, and can't wait to watch the next game!

Another victory was won by our OSU Cowboys! They beat Houston State saturday evening. As usual, we went to the alumni center for the pep rally. The alumni webpage designer was there showing off the new pages and recognized Emma from her picture (which he said he had several pictures of us from last year - I guess we're pretty much a fixture at the rallies!), so he showed it to us again. (view it at http://orangeconnection.org/s/860/index-blue.aspx?sid=860&gid=1&pgid=266).
Also, Emma got to reunite with her friend, Jennifer, who cheers for OSU. She calls Emma her "mini-me", and the squad calls Emma "little Jenn". All summer Emma was waiting for her to come back so they could cheer together.
She also got to meet Bullet again - the horse that runs around the field for every touchdown.

While Emma was basking in the glory of reuniting with her favorite OSU friend, I got to meet mine! T. Boone Pickens has VERY generously funded OSU's many programs with his zillions of dollars, including the stadium remodel (Now Boone Pickens Stadium). And HE got to meet the youngest future OSU Cowboy at the rally - little Evan :)

Sunday, we all worked outside in the garden, pulling weeds and grass and flowers that had passed away during what I call "EL Evan" - the time that the poor garden was neglected due to Evan's birth. :) We re-mulched hoping that the weeds won't come back, and I put all our fall decor out (even though we were sweating in the summerish heat!) I can't help it. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season!

Anyway, I will start teaching my baby sign class Wednesday. Evan will be accompanying me - the one thing I wanted in a job - I guess it pays to own your own business! :)
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Rainy Wednesday

Hi! Hope your long weekend went well! Ours was nice & relaxing :)

Saturday was the first football game for OSU. It was in Seattle, but we went over to our friends' house to watch it (in high def. no less...oooooohhhhh). It was fun.
Sunday was hot & Emma spent the morning running through the sprinkler (I was watering my dead plants hoping for a miracle, i guess!)

Today Gustav has reached good ol Oklahoma and made it rainy and cool. My favorite weather. Now it REALLY feels like football weather & I can't wait for this weekend's first home game. Evan's first OSU football experience. Woo hoo!

On Monday Emma went to a friend's house to play for the day, so John, Evan, & I ran errands and went grocery shopping. It's amazing how quiet it is with Emma missing.

Tuesday was Eli's second "birthday", and Emma had planned a party for him. She said it was a really important one for him because he was turning 2 on the 2nd. She picked out princess cupcakes (she says that he told her he didn't care) and John grilled some meat we had in the freezer. He had to go back to work that day, but Emma was still out of school, so we did a lot of crafts and coloring.

Evan has his first cold. He's really congested. We went to the doctor today and got some nose drops for him. Hopefully he'll feel better soon!

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