Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jaundice Update...

Yesterday at his appointment, the nurse took Evan to see his doctor. Since his color was back to normal, they elected not to do a heel prick test. His eyes are still a little yellow, but she said that they would be the last thing to clear up, so he was released from the mini tanning bed. Yay! Good job Evan!

So yesterday afternoon, we snuggled him all day long! :)

Emma has been amazingly well behaved lately. I was so nervous about juggling the two, but she has accomodated well. Playng close to me, but not needing me to interact more than talking or watching if I am feeding Evan. She has really been a blessing, and loves her brother so much.

There is one point that Evan awakes for a good 3 hours at once, and of course, it tends to be around 1a.m. If I could just get him to switch that 12 hours later, it would be perfect! But for now, I have to rely on our nap schedule - thank goodness I had Emma on a nap schedule already! It's a lifesaver!

ANyway, I am happy to relay the good news to you all. I hope this finds you well & happy also!

Little Baseballer! :)
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