Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 1 Month to Evan!

Yesterday Evan turned 1 month old! Can you believe it!? He is 22 inches long and 8 pounds, 9 ounces. He still has all his medium brown hair and blue-grey eyes. What has he accomplished this month? Wellllll...

  • Improved his lungs by yelling for food
  • Met many friends & relatives
  • Took his first long car ride to Edmond (it was too long for him!)
  • Slept his longest streak at 4 1/2 hours
  • Eats about 3-4 ounces per meal, and about a hundred meals a day :)
  • Met the OSU Football & Soccer teams and Coach Gundy! Go pokes!
  • Cought his first cold :(

What a life! :) His appetite has grown so fast that for his nighttime bottle, we have to mix it with half formula because my milk supply is so low by then. He's a growing boy!

Emma is doing wonderful in school & behaving herself. She's back to wanting to ride the bus every day again. I volunteer in her class every Friday. Today they are making Rainbow Bananas (Banana slices dipped in powdered jello). That should be nice & messy...

This fall she decided to drop Gymnastics for Girl Scouts. She'll still be dancing, but I'm not sure if she wants to continue with all 3 classes, and she'll be playing soccer again, which both start back next week.

John is getting good at his guitar playing - I can hear actual songs now that aren't nursery rhymes :) He is getting really excited for OSU football season to start, which kicks off this weekend in Seattle.

In October, he'll be doing some travelling to Chicago & Boston for work. Although he doesn't get too much free time, he always gets to see a couple cool things to tell us about when he gets home. Without a doubt, he'll be home for Halloween!

Which reminds me...if you happen to find a brown sweatshirt & sweatpants in a 3-6 months size, let me know! I am needing one for his Halloween costume! Also, I need to find the sweatshirt in adult sizes, too, but that should be easier...I hope.

ANyway, off to feed again. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Pin It

Friday, August 22, 2008

3 Weeks!

Well, Evan has made it 3 weeks already! I can't believe it! He's doing really well except for some reflux, which Emma also had pretty badly. His gassy tummy keeps him up a couple nights a week, which is really hard, but overall he is a really easy baby. :)

He had to go to a pediatric cardiologist last week to check his heart for any defects, and he got a perfect score. He won't ever have to go back! Yay!

Emma is loving her new school. She has made a lot of friends, and has gotten a new crush on a different boy every day it seems. Yesterday the teacher told me that she was having problems with Emma being bossy. Sigh. Emma & I had a loooong talk after school, and today the teacher said she had a really good day. Thank goodness. She also met a girl in her class that seems to challenge her leadership role, so that is good - Emma has never been challenged that way before.

We are really excited for fall to come. We're looking into going to pick apples at an orchard sometime soon, but it seems that there's not really many places to do that in Oklahoma. :( Pumpkins & peaches, sure, but not apples. We'll see. Emma's been asking about it.

I start back to work soon, and I am dreading it, just because I feel so busy right now, that I can't imagine adding more hours to my days! It'll work out, though. It always does.

Well,i am off to feed Evan again! Have a great weekend!

Evan's first sink bath :)
Cute little smile! :)
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Yesterday was Emma's first day at her new elementary school, Sangre Ridge Elem, and her first day as a kindergartener! What a big girl! I am still in shock!

She insisted that since she was such a big girl now, that she was going to ride the bus to school (about 2 blocks away! Ha ha!). So, John, Evan, & I drove her down the street to the bus stop and waited for her bus to come. When she saw it come around the corner, she was squealing and jumping up & down with excitement! She walked right up, said hi to the bus driver and found a seat, then off they went! I had the camera in my hand ready for the moment, but when it came I couldn't move...I was just so caught up in watching my little baby climbing those big ol bus steps and really trying hard not to yell "STOP! WAIT! I'll ride with you!" or "Okay! That was fun! Let's just get back in the van & I'll take you!" but, I held back, and failed my picture taking opp, so John got the camera control after that!
We drove to the school (parents were invited to come for the morning - we weren't just obsessed...well....only one of us was...) and Emma had already been taken to her classroom. She had already made herself at home in the dramatic play area and was showing several other girls how to cook and take care of the babies.
There were 2 children in the class she knew from before. One was in her class last year, and another was on her tee ball team this summer.
Anyway, we left her there, happy & excited, and went to eat a nice lunch together with baby Evan. (John took off work for the big day! <----awwwww! What a good daddy! :)
After school, we went back down to the bus stop and waited for the bus, but it wasn't coming. I left John there with the camera (after what happened that morning!) and drove up to the school to see if she was still there waiting. Unfortunately, while I was there, the bus DID come and drop her off! I missed it!!! Oh no!!! But at least we got a picture this time! battery died. Yep, that's right! So now I can't even have a picture of it!! Waaaahhhh! The luck.
So, anyway, she said she hada GREAT day, played games, met some other kids that liked High School Musical & webkinz. Which makes me super happy! Nothing is better than your child loving school!

Uncle Brock came by to send her off to our alma mater elementary school!

All ready to go in her "pink Nike Shox" she absolutely HAD to have for school this year

We took these same pictures last year, too. Sigh. So big!

Here she is at the bus stop!

Apparently, these girls didn't have a "baby brother named Evan that is 16 days old", so they don't know how to care for the babies in dramatic play. Emma had to teach them.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jaundice Update...

Yesterday at his appointment, the nurse took Evan to see his doctor. Since his color was back to normal, they elected not to do a heel prick test. His eyes are still a little yellow, but she said that they would be the last thing to clear up, so he was released from the mini tanning bed. Yay! Good job Evan!

So yesterday afternoon, we snuggled him all day long! :)

Emma has been amazingly well behaved lately. I was so nervous about juggling the two, but she has accomodated well. Playng close to me, but not needing me to interact more than talking or watching if I am feeding Evan. She has really been a blessing, and loves her brother so much.

There is one point that Evan awakes for a good 3 hours at once, and of course, it tends to be around 1a.m. If I could just get him to switch that 12 hours later, it would be perfect! But for now, I have to rely on our nap schedule - thank goodness I had Emma on a nap schedule already! It's a lifesaver!

ANyway, I am happy to relay the good news to you all. I hope this finds you well & happy also!

Little Baseballer! :)
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Evan Update...

Well, Evan has reached the ripe old age of one week! Yay!

Yesterday at his weight check, he was 7 pounds and 4 ounces, which means he's gaining weight well, but he also got tested for jaundice, because I noticed his eyes were a little yellow. The tests came back high enugh that he has to be in a bililight machine, which is kind of a tanning bed for babies to kick start their livers. He has to be in it 24 hours a day unless eating or changing diapers or doctor visits. Today we go to get another jaundice level test, and hopefully it's low enough that we can stop the machine soon because I hate not being able to snuggle him :(

He is a little trooper, though, and has been taking it pretty well. I'll keep you updated!

The Castro Sibs <3

Evan in his bililight machine :(

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