Sunday, July 27, 2008

My last night as a fatty!

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed ours as the last weekend of being a family of three. I had been working on getting everything "ready" for post-baby, but I left a lot more undone than I thought, so as I type, I am remembering more & more things, which will probably be left undone because I am ready to relax for my last night of semi-good sleep. I've been getting about 5 hours of sleep a night, mostly uninterrupted, but a lot of bathroom breaks inbetween!
Emma is really excited for her baby brother to arrive. She has packed her backpack of busy items (which work for about 5 minutes) and has it by her door along with her "I'm a big sister" tee from Gramie.
Harley is feeling anxious. i can tell by the way he follows me everywhere I go and is never more than 2 feet away. If I even go into the garage, he is crying. Luckily, he will have Gramie & Emma here tomorrow night so he won't be so lonely!
John is finally getting excited about the baby! He was trying to fix my mess of a garden this weekend, but with the record heat, he couldn't stay out long. I think it looks great, anyway! :) He packed his bag and of course it's loaded down with electronics and car magazines.
As for me? Still a little scared. Probably will be until I hear that first cry. But, i am ready. It is too freaking hot to be this fat!!! :) I just can't wait until we're all 4 at home, safe and sound. Luckily, I will have my laptop in the hospital, so I can answer emails & send updates! Here's my instant message ID's...the yahoo one has webcam, so sign up & chat with Emma to keep her busy! :)

AIM: queenbeeheidi
GoogleChat: 4castros
YahooMessenger: mom2emc2 Pin It

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