Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Momma Drama!

In case you didn't get the middle of the night text message, I can fill you in on Evan's latest drama for mama. :) About 11 last night I started contracting every 4 minutes for about an hour & a half, then it started dwindling off, so I went to bed, knowing I had an appt this morning with Dr. G.
Anyway, I awoke without a newborn in the bed and went to my appointment. Evan was fine (probably snickering all the while), and I was still just dilated 1 cm. so hopefully he will make it to the 28th. All the receptionists were making bets on if I was coming back or going to deliver. I think most thought I was delivering, because when I told them, they were all saying "oh man! I was sure that he was coming today!!" (You know you spend way too much time at your doctor's offfice when everyone knows your business and your unborn baby's name! Ha!)

Emma is into Burger King this week because of the POkemon toys in the happy meals. We went today and sat by a grandpa with REALLY hairy ears! I had always heard the jokes about old men & ear hair, but never in my life have I ever seen a furby living inside a human ear!!! I took a picture on my phone, so I'll have to post it later for your viewing pleasure...

UPDATE: Here it is, but unfortunately, you can't see it b/c my camera phone isn't the greatest :(

It was TOTALLY so much worse!!! I don't think he could hear! Poor guy! :( Pin It

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