Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A free Preggo!

WELL...yesterday was my OB appointment, and thank goodness my OB is back from vacation! She let me off bedrest because she said there was no real reason for me to be ON bedrest in the first place! (I have never heard a doctor use the phrase "Freaking retarded" before...). So, I can go back to being my normal preggo self. Yay! My back was starting to ache sooo bad from laying around so much!

Tonight Emma has her "sibling class" up at the hospital. She will get to tour the places that her little brother will be when he is born. She'll wear her new big sister shirt, I'm sure :)

John's company switches everyone around a couple times a year from project to project, and John was moved to a new group with my friend, Michelle's, husband, Bucky. He's excited since Bucky may teach him to play the guitar.

It's finally July! They have a great fireworks show here we'll go to. Also, Harley will turn 6 years old this month! Yay! Sam, Harley T., and Maverick better get ready to party! ;)

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