Sunday, July 6, 2008

The end of a long weekend...

Well, we all survived July 4th without blowing ourselves up, however Emma & I awoke the next morning with zillions of mosquito bites! Yuck. We've been fighting over the itch remedies :)
My mom & I have been working on a project of endless "burp rags", which I think we have accomplished finally. I figured that instead of paying $18 a rag, we could make our own. Plus, we got to pick out cute fabrics that no one else will have :) Now, I have started a new project that is strictly confidential until I have the skills to make millions (ha ha!).
The countdown to Emma's first day of school is getting shorter! (37 more days!) She'll be going to a new school this year for Kindergarten. We already ordered her backpack & lunch bag for this year - she, of course, chose to go with the pink & silver this year (last year was light blue & lime). It will be exciting for her to go "school shopping" this year. I remember it was definately one of my most FAVORITE times of the year. We got to go to the mall and Target and pick out school clothes and supplies. I loved that smell of a new trapper keeper! :) It will be exciting to pass that tradition along! And this year, depending on when we can go, Evan may be toting along as well. (21 more days until his arrival!)
Today my friend is delivering to us a deep freezer! Yay! I can hardly wait! Now we can go to Sam's and buy a whole cow or something to put inside! Or maybe just cook a huge lot of dinners and freeze them for baby arrival month...either way, THANK YOU, NICKLE!!!!
ANyway, here is Emma's 2008 4th of July pic. Peace out!

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