Thursday, July 24, 2008

Emma's Award :)

This morning Emma got an award from the Stillwater Public Library for her reading hours this summer (She had over 15 hours logged in!). Hooray! Congratulations to Emma! She is SUCH a good reader, reading every night before bed and all day long. Her favorite books are Dr. Seuss books and of course, Disney stories. But any book will do as long as it has nice pictures :)

Only 3 more days until Evan makes his arrival! We are trying to do all the last minute preparations, but it seems to be a losing battle. How do you clean your house when you have a 5 year old hurricane following behind you? Sigh. We are going to try to cook a bunch of dinners this weekend as well to have the first week home, but we'll see if we get to it. Em has a birthday party this weekend, and John has lawncare to do. Harley needs his nails cut (a dog with talons - pretty scary), and I need to do laundry. We are all so excited!!! We have waited so long for this big event! I'll keep you posted!!
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