Thursday, July 10, 2008

A bill of good health!

Yesterday was baby Evan's last ultrasound/echocardiogram and Dr. Mirable gave him an 8/8! Good job, kiddo! :) He weighed in at 5 pounds, 10 ounces. Amazingly, that's pretty normal for his age, so not a monster baby yet! After Monday (14th), if he tries to come out, Dr. Goldsworthy says that they'll let him come! He'll be old enough that we can care for him here in Stillwater as opposed to flying him back to his Oklahoma City hospital for Prenatal ICU. Lets hope he sticks it out until the 28th!

So, Emma got to do some of her school shopping yesterday. Since the beginning of the school year is hot, she got to pick out some new summery clothes (that fit!) and we'll do fall later, since she seems to be growing like a weed for a couple months, then stop for a couple months. I can't keep up! At this point, she's in a 6x top AND bottom (as long as it has adjustable waist). She also picked out her High School Musical (of course) thermos and warm container for lunches and a few school supplies that she just HAD to have for Kindergarten.

John finally got his guitar, so he has been plucking at it ever since. This will be an interesting hobby...hmmm...I guess it's better than drums! :)

I heard on the news that Banana Boat, Coppertone, and one other brand of sunblock (maybe Neutrogena?) don't protect from the sun like they say they do, so watch out! Also, you only need 3 minutes of sun to get your vitamin D for the day - so take out the trash or something, and you're fine. I try to sun Evan each day, but he doesn't seem to like the red lighting, so who knows, I'll have a little cave hermit on my hands!

Ultrasounds coming soon! (Although he refused to look at the camera again!)

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