Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Random Tuesday...

Good morning! This is day one of our family blog. We'll see how long we can keep it going!

Emma has been attending "Art Camp" last week & this week, which she absolutely loves. She got an "Artist of the Day" Award last week and was EXTREMELY proud! Three pieces of her art will be on showcase starting today at a local art exhibit (Exhibit One, STillwater, OK). Half of the proceeds of sale will be donated to the Turning Point Ranch, which provides therapeutic horseback riding for children with special needs.

She is also playing wee t-ball this summer. She has her last game Saturday morning.

She's really liking it, but it's been so hot outside that she gets tired pretty quick. Luckily, there's a Braum's Ice Cream store just down the street!
Evan is growing really fast! He's already a week ahead in size - following the footsteps of his big sibs. We go in for induction the morning of July 28th. He will be 37 weeks along instead of 40 due to Eli's pregnancy. Emma is ready to finally become a big sister!

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We have started a business called "Kindermusik" here, and the first classes start the last week of August! It's exciting & scary at the same time. It has taken - and is still taking - quite a bit of time & effort, which will hopefully pay off! Pin It

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  1. I love the background of this blog... Green and Gold go well together, especially with a RAM ;)

    Looking forward to finally having a nephew!!!


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