Thursday, June 26, 2008

Newest Pictures!

This is Evan's newest ultrasound pictures (2D). This is his face - a rare shot without the hand over his face! Here is a really cute one of his pouty lips & nose. (Of course, he moved his hand back to his face!)
I'm still on house arrest, which is getting REALLY boring! I don't watch much TV, and I have no interesting books to read, so I just lay around thinking of lists of things I need to do. I remember the book "The Big Ball of String" from when I was small. This boy was sick in bed and made all kinds of cool stuff using his big ball of string. That would be cool.
Luckily, my friend Nicole comes over with new baby Ruthie to keep me company with hilarious stories of people we know.
Now that Emma is done with her art camp, she will be home with me everyday . The trick now will be to entertain us both from my bed! Yikes!
Thank goodness we moved back to family! I don't know what I would do without my mom helping tote her around to and from activities!

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  1. I love the pouty lips! I can't wait to meet him!


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