Friday, June 27, 2008

Art Gallery Reception...

So tonight was the reception for the artists participating in the Exhibit One show. Emma was really excited to show her grandparents her lovely paintings (which all sold!!).

In other news, Evan & I went for another non-stress test this morning. We passed with flying colors. :) Yay!
I overslept because of the thunderstorm (which, by the way, thank God for Oklahoma weather - I hate Cali weather!!), but because of that, I had no time to get Emma & I ready. Luckily, Uncle Kurt could come over and spend time with her while I headed off to the doctor.
Tomorrow is an exciting day! Emma has her last wee t-ball game and team party, and I get my first baby shower! Although I;m on bedrest, I told my doctor that I've had 3 children and I am NOT about to miss my first and last baby shower this time!!! Luckily, I got a pass to go & sit on the couch :)
Well, I'm back to bed! Pin It

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